Taking the time to discover the importance of reflection and slowing the pace of life, has allowed me to reconnect with nature. I care deeply about the environment and the importance of how my work can make an impact. My message is conveyed in a beautiful, calming way, to capture these transitory moments. I work in a mindful space, which allows me to experience the journey and take time to reflect on the process. As an environmental artist, I create images of nature in an abstract way. As one gazes at the work, my hope is that they find themselves on a personal journey, slowly exploring the patterns that can lead to an unexpected experience; of slowing down long enough to reflect on nature and the living world. I want the work to feel as pure as water. The simplicity of the shapes and materials used have a very minimalistic quality that creates a balanced complexity, yet calming effect. When I create a work of art, it is with the same gentleness of spirit and kindness that nature has given to mankind. Water is nature’s mirror.


8′ H x 25 ” W x 15″ D   |   Metal Hand-dyed Silk, monofilament |  2107


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