Iceland – Artist in Residency

“…to understand other living things, their environmental conditions, and their ecological relationships in such a way as to awake in us a deep sense of our kinships with them as fellow members of the Earth’s community of life.” – Paul W Taylor


This is a quote I found in a book while staying at the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, Iceland. Immediately, I was drawn to the rich earth and nature of Iceland. Having only a precious amount of time to work (one month) in this beautiful land, I tried to take full advantage. Working continuously on my art, I permitted myself to “PLAY.” It’s in these rare moments without interruptions and responsibilities to engage in a deep understanding of who I am and how my art affects my life. The location couldn’t have been more perfect. Alongside the Blanda River where the river meets the Greenland Sea, the land was always changing. The tides were bringing precious plant life to the shore and then pulling it all back into the sea. Like the tides, I kept pushing and pulling different elements into my work. However, the essential role of nature always dictated the outcome. At times, it was the wind, at other times, it was the tide, but in all cases, it was the connection to the earth that created my work. This work can never be duplicated, just like the saying, “you can never stand in the same river twice.” I created this body of work on this land it is forever that specific imprint.

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